“Roberto Araujo is sexy, playful and bright. More over, it is also refreshing. He aspires to create images that answer to those characteristics, portraying his models as they truly are. His experience in acting has taught him the importance of good portraits that speak for themselves. To create photos that represent the full spectrum of attributes that make a personality. In relatively short time, Roberto has become an authority on making photographs that vary from headshots to artistic portraits and fashion.”
Beautiful Magazine – Paris, France
“Photos of shirtless guys are a dime-a-dozen in [New York City], but [Roberto] ┬áreally caught some wonderful moments.”
Ryan Brinson, Editor-in-Chief of BLEEP Magazine

I have a passion for storytelling.
I know how important it is to find affordable photography that shows, in essence, who we truly are. You want to walk into that audition room, and know that the picture in front of the creative team represents the full spectrum of personality that you bring in, in person. I think together, we can capture that detail and emotion in a perfect shot. I am able to take photos ranging from headshots to artistic portraits and fashion photography.